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There is no doubt that children like to write everywhere either paper until the wall of course. Hmm…not so good in the wall but it happened to almost all parents with small kids. Bought my little one magnet board from Amazon. This board comes with numbers, math signs and some counting objects. Also comes with board marker (that you can erase) and chalk too. There are some woods at the side of the box that will hold the board up. This is perfect for my little one to play with and the same time to learn. He is very happy to see this magnet learning board. He could easily recognize numbers. Don’t forget to praise your little one every time they archived or did something good.

Pro & Contra

  • Pro & Contra
  • Learn numbers and maths
  • Stimulate left and right brain
  • Improvements of sensoric, motoric, cognitive, emotional, creativity skills
  • The board I bought has sharped edges, so be careful
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